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Hotel Venecia Gran Canal

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Del 13 Agosto 2017 al 09 Julio 2018

To make our guests sweet ..Delicatesse at Pal

We offer our Delicatesse basket with sweet and savory delights
Total Cost  € 20  vat included
1 snack peanuts friend

1 Tuc crackers
1 Tuc crackers with tomato sauce
1 bar milk  chocolate Novi
1 bar dark chocolate Novi
2  kinder maxi
2 kit kat
Vase not included € 250.00
"’HANDKERCHIEF’’  Vase, original creation of the master glassmakers of Murano
dedicated to the hotel Giovanelli & Grand Canal
 in glass murrine, not included, the cost is € 250, special price for our customers.
For any purchase ask the concierge of the hotel

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