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From August 01 2017 to September 10 2017

Historic Regatta 2017

On Sunday  3rd  September 2017

The Regata Storica (Historic Regatta) is a historical reenactment that features colorful 16th-century Venetian boats. The event is a reenactment of the visit to Venice by Caterina Cornaro, the Queen of Cyprus, which marked the beginning of the domination of that Mediterranean island by the Most Serene Republic.

The Procession, which takes place on the first Sunday of September every year, begins with the passage of the characteristic Bucintoro, the galley of state of the Venice Doges, followed by the Bissone, the fast, richly-decorated, war boats of the Venetian rowing clubs.

After the procession, there is a Venetian-style rowing competition, the highlight of the day. Spectators passionately follow the event crowded on the shore, in floating grandstands and on boats tied up along the Grand Canal, rooting for, and encouraging their favorites, while the multi-colored boats glide quickly past. 

The Regatta consists of four races with separate categories for different ages and types of boats: a race of "caorline" (six-oar rowboats), a women's race in "mascarete" (two-oar rowboats, a young person's race in "pupparini" (small two-oar rowboats) and a champions' race in gondolas.

The boats start from Sant'Elena and follow the Grand Canal to the Santa Lucia station where they round a pole and turn back towards the finish line in front of the Ca' Foscari palace where a floating stage called the Machina has been constructed.

The Historic Regatta is one of the most spectacular and well-known holidays of Venice, which is able to enthrall and excite both tourists and Venetians.


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